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Switching to iPhone – Day 5

Cases & Virtual Keyboarding Spent an hour in a very crowded NYC Apple store looking to nab a case for my WinMo AT&T Tilt replacement, the new 32 GB iPhone 3GS. What I found was a whole lotta not much–some were cool, but many crappy.  And I mean “what were they thinking!” kind of crappy, too. […]

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AT&T – The Least Dropped Calls… NOT!

I’m checking my email. My mobile phone is sitting on the desk next to my elbow. Suddenly, I get a notification that I have a new voice mail message. Did I: Think, “Hmm, that’s funny, it didn’t even ring.” Say, “That durn AT&T. It would be helpful if they sure got their stuff together.” Quip, […]

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