I rarely, if ever, promote anything political. However, this is something I feel very strongly about. Our bees are dying. Some species are recently extinct, while others are at 4% of their previous population. Bees are key to the health of global agriculture production. Many scientists believe neonicotinoids pesticides–among others types–are killing them. The EU has placed a temporary ban on some of these pesticides, as has Russia. Unfortunately, the US has been dragging its heels. Our leaders have a 5 year plan to review the spiraling bee deaths. Did I mention that 50% of California’s bee population died, last year? How many will die in five? Big business and agriculture are, of course, lobbying hard to prevent a ban. They’ve lined up their scientists for the contrarian view–as has been done with global warming science. But that’s part of the freedom of this country, which I love and support. Here’s the other free part:

I’ve just signed this petition calling on the US Congress to save the bees, and I would like you to join me:  Petition Link.

I think a temporary ban on these pesticides would be prudent, in the least, while more research is conducted. Google the science. Read through the below links. Then make up your own mind. I hope you sign. Thanks.

Link source:  AVAAZ.ORG

Mystery Malady Kills More Bees, Heightening Worry on Farms (NY Times):

Bee protection: US in spotlight as EU bans pesticides (The Guardian):

Legislation to restrict pesticide use proposed by Rep. Blumenauer (Oregon Live):

Some US bumblebees see 96% drop in last decades (Treehugger):

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