New iPhone and Google Voice…

Briefly… I’ve been happily using a Google Voice (GV) number in place of my mobile number for the past year or so–for calls, texting and voicemail.  One of the features I like about GV is that I can forward missed calls on my mobile to their voicemail, giving me voicemail transcription and email/SMS notification.

Until this past Friday, I’ve used the same iPhone 3GS with GV.  Now that I’ve upgraded to the new 4S, I’ve discovered that my calls are no longer forwarded to GV–AT&T’s visual voicemail must get reset with each phone upgrade.  So, for anyone finding themselves in the same boat, here’s what to do:

Bring up your mobile phone’s keypad, then enter and call *61*your-mobile-number#This will re-forward everything back to GV.  (This is completely wrong for GSM phones.  On GSM networks–like AT&T in the US–the code for conditional forwarding is *004*.  So, to forward your mobile’s unanswered calls to GV, call *004*xxxxxxxxxx*11#, where X is your GV number.  Thanks to kbart’s guide for the correct way.)

For more info on Google Voice, follow the link:



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