Switching to iPhone – Day 6

syncerrorSync Errors…

If there ever was an example of the colorful acronym, SNAFU (Situation Normal: All F—-D Up), Technology would be the poster child–at least when it gets into my hands.

My wife is frequently telling me that for a guy who makes part of his living as a personal technology consultant, I sure have a lot of problems (we’re only talking tech problems here, you know). I personally think it’s bad karma–I might have been a cylon in another life.

My latest SNAFU, of course, is with my new iPhone 3GS. Twice in the last week I’ve gotten a sync error when syncing the 3GS with iTunes. The error, as shown in the above image (the image was pulled off the net, btw) is…

“The iPhone “My Name’s iPhone” cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (13019).”

Restarting Vista fixed the problem both times. Now, however, the error will not go away.

Googling the error will get you a variety of recommended troubleshooting tips. Apple has a knowledge base article for just such an error

Do I have the latest version of iTunes? Check
Did I try syncing with antivirus disabled? Check
Did I restart iTunes? Check.
Did I disable Genius? Never had it enabled.

I even reset my sync settings, then closed my eyes, ran around my room naked three times chanting there’s no place like Cupertino. Still nothing.

I finally caved and called Apple support.

One thing I have to say about Apple tech support… after I explained all my previous troubleshooting actions, they seemed to have believed me and did not ask me to repeat them like many of the other tech support script drones out there. Instead they suggested some other things to try.

They asked me to disable syncing music. I did, then synced again, and… It worked.

An FYI side note:
On my previous Palm and WinMo devices, if I disabled syncing a particular item such as contacts or photos, syncing stopped with no changes to the data on either device or computer. With iTunes and the iPhone, very different. If you choose to not sync your contacts, calendar, notes and/or photos, nothing is changed on either computer or device. If you disable sync of music, video and/or apps, all are removed from the iPhone. Must be some DRM thing.

So anyway… disabling music sync seemed to have worked. Since it didn’t make sense for the Apple expert to sit on the phone while I re-synced all 10 GB of music, I asked if there was anything else I could try if this didn’t work. She asked if I had any voice memos. I said only one. She mentioned that she had had a previous call about the same error which ended up having to do with syncing a voice memo–something else to look at.

She also mentioned that I could create a new admin user account under Vista and try syncing from there–yeah, that wouldn’t be happening.

Well, after she hung-up, I re-enabled music sync and tried again. It looked to be working. I watched it sync the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Radiohead before popping the same error–of course. What to do next?

Thinking about the voice memo thing, I remembered before the sync error appeared, I had renamed the one voice memo I had recorded to something I would remember, instead of the default time/date name.

I unchecked the voice memo in iTunes and tried syncing once more. And it worked. Heh. Found a nice little bug, right?

See… I don’t break this junk. I simply want it to do what it’s supposed to do. If I drop a few bills on a gadget that does XYZ, in order to make sure I’m getting my money’s worth, I expect it to do XYZ. If it doesn’t work, not my fault, man.

If only the wife understood. Sigh.

I forgot to mention… This sync problem? No different than any I’ve experienced with Palm and WinMo… All to be expected.

See you next time.

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