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Yes, I admit it. I have a terrible affliction. Some call it genetic, others, a blight upon the soul. Whatever it is, I will acknowledge and take responsibility for it. It is called… dun-dun dunnh!… Camera Envy (notice the caps).

My wife and I went to a wedding in Rhinebeck, NY a couple of weeks back–had a great time, met some great people.  One thing I noticed was how many digital SLR cameras where being focused about. Immediately, like Pavlov’s dog, I felt my saliva glands kick-in–my wife had to constantly remind me to use a napkin. I will also unashamedly admit to running across a field of grass just to simply hold a beautiful Nikon D90 with VR lens and snap a few frames–glorious!

In the early days of prosumer dSLRs, I bought the 4 MP Olympus E10. This was back in the early ’00s. I had a lot of fun with that camera, taking some cool pictures in and around NYC. But battery life, the slow response and the fact that a friend’s point-and-shoot seemed to handle light and color much better than the E10, kind of killed it for me.

But I still wanted me some dSLR. Granted, one with way better battery life, burst mode, hi-quality pics and SD card capability. Oh and let’s not forget interchangeable lenses, live view, auto sensor cleaning, etc, etc. I have a 7 MP point-and-click that I take on vacation which works, but it’s photos are not as clear as my E10, let alone a modern dSLR.

Perhaps some day soon, maybe on my birthday or Ground Hogs Day, I’ll see a little bit of dSLR love (are you reading this, hon?). But until that happens…

Yes, I have Camera Envy, and I’m proud of it!

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