Switching to iPhone – Days 1 & 2


Continuing my experience with switching from the Windows Mobile AT&T Tilt to the iPhone 3GS.

Looks & UI

I have to say that while I was pretty impressed with my new, sleek, shiny little toy, the user interface kind of blew me away. “Dead Simple” doesn’t even begin to describe it. Not having to pull out and use a stylus while pressing a bunch of buttons to navigate as in WinMo? Priceless.


Activation kind of sucked. iTunes is the conduit for all things iPhone including sync and activation. The activation process seemed to go fairly smooth but I had no connection to the AT&T network. For S&G’s I swapped SIM cards with my Tilt and was able to make voice calls, but had no data connection. Finally called AT&T, who switched me to Apple. Apple could not get it to work, switched me back to AT&T. AT&T told me I shouldn’t have used the Tilt SIM card. After a bit of a wait, the new SIM card was properly activated–everything working. This was over the course of two days.  As I said–kind of sucked.


iTunes is no speed demon, but then neither was ActiveSync for WinMo. iTunes syncs my Outlook contacts & calendar, photos, videos, music and more. Unfortunately, iTunes does not support 3rd-party sync. Most iPhone app developers rely on a local WiFi connection to sync data–luckily I have a wireless network.

Weird Stuff

Internet:  not sure if this is AT&T or the iPhone, but several times a day I receive “cellular data network” errors when trying to access the Internet

Bluetooth: WinMo was no champ in this category, but with the iPhone, bluetooth connection problems with my Plantronics Calisto Pro headset is constant. I have to periodically do some arcane, mystic, mumbo-jumbo of disabling/enabling bluetooth along power cycling both devices to reconnect the two.

Battery life: never having had an iPhone before, I really have no comparison, but I had a few moments of seeing the battery drop 10% in a few minutes. The iPhone blogs have also been reporting this from many users. It seems to be related more to the 3.0 OS update than the hardware. We’ll see how this pans out.

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