Switching to iPhone

iphone-loveFinally got me an iPhone.

I’ve been playing wait-and-see since the 1st gen model came out in ’07, wanting to give it a chance to flop or mature before I dipped my toes into the Apple mobile pond. I’ve always been a fan of Apple, but I was honestly a bit pessimistic about the 1st gen due to some missing items: 3G, multi-tasking, 3rd-party apps, physical keyboard, tethering and push email to name a few.

At the time I was using a 3G Windows Mobile smartphone with all of the above, and since I use my WinMo phone as an ebook reader, the lack of 3rd-party apps was a deal breaker. I also did not want to subscribe to Apple’s MobileMe service to get push email as I already pay the costs of using my personal email domain with fastmail.net. Fastmail supports IMAP IDLE which is the next best thing to Push and which the iPhone mail client does not support.

Then the 2nd gen iPhone 3G was released. Features include 3G and 3rd-party apps via the iTunes App Store.  I still wanted to wait as I just purchased the new WinMo ATT Tilt and was still unsure about the lack of Push or IMAP IDLE and physical keyboard.

As an aside… I tried the WinMo Blackberry client so I could have Push on my Tilt.  This was with AT&T.  The client, as with many Internet functions on WinMo, was prone to crash. Also, the cost was ridiculous. The cost of an AT&T data plan for a WinMo PDA smartphone or Blackberry is $30. If you want to use the Blackberry client on WinMo? $45. Crazy.

Now we’re up to the 3GS which is supposedly faster, has better battery life and, thanks to the 3.0 OS update available for all generations (and the Touch) it has a landscape keyboard mode and 3rd-party push notification ability.

As I’ve been getting frustrated with the constant crashes of my WinMo Tilt and its horrible web browsing experience, I finally took the leash off my “must-buy-new-toy” monster and pre-ordered the 3GS from AT&T. I received my iPhone the day it was released–no lines for me!

I will post my completely subjective experiences and impressions over the next couple of weeks as things pop-up.

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