AT&T – The Least Dropped Calls… NOT!

I’m checking my email. My mobile phone is sitting on the desk next to my elbow. Suddenly, I get a notification that I have a new voice mail message.

Did I:

  1. Think, “Hmm, that’s funny, it didn’t even ring.”
  2. Say, “That durn AT&T. It would be helpful if they sure got their stuff together.”
  3. Quip, “So many 3G iPhones, so little bandwidth.” Or…
  4. Shriek curses in a babel of languages, tear my hair, rend my clothes?

Well, none of the above, actually, but I certainly feel like doing number 4, sometimes. This happens quite a bit and can be very frustrating–more so when waiting for an important call. Then there are the dropped calls, staticy conversations and handset hardware glitches.  Again, number 4.

Whatever the reasons, it would be really nice to have mobile phone service as reliable as a landline.

AT&T claims the least dropped calls. I guess if you never actually get the call, it can’t be dropped.

I get it. It’s a feature!

Way to go, AT&T.

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    [...] Vote AT%26amp;T - The Least Dropped Calls… NOT! [...]

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