Vista & OS X: My Love/Hate List – 1. List View

I use Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X regularly for both work and play.  They both serve a need, scratch an itch, and overall help me do what I need to do.  I like them both for what each has to offer, and like many an indulgent parent, I will tend to ignore even the most willful folly… up to a point. And like many a spoiled brat, they will tend to irritate the shit out of me every once in a while (Vista, daily).

There are many reviewers, pundits, and fanboys out there who have posted, published and commented with great lamenting, teeth-gnashing, and chest-beating ad nauseam on this topic (enough with the serial lists).  Is this another?  We’ll see. I sincerely hope not.  This will be a little list of comparisons, observations, wishes and non-sequiturs derived from my daily use of OS X & Vista.

1. LIST View

I have lots of files. I mean LOTS.  I’m writing this list on a system with 2.5 TB of storage, 70% full.  Add another 5+ terabytes in external drives and we have… well, LOTS of files.

ICON view is generally the default file view for both the OS X Finder and the Windows Explorer, with contextual adjustments made for media files.

Most of the time in Windows, I keep my file view in Explorer set to LIST, which lists files viewed in Explorer by name,  vertically, in multiple columns. The larger the Explorer window, vertically or horizontally, the more files I can see. Much more than in ICON view.

In OS X, you also have both ICON and LIST views, but the LIST view is of a different sort than in Windows.

As in Windows, OS X’s ICON view shows the icon and name of each file.  OS X’s LIST view, however, is more like the Windows DETAIL view, which is a multi-column view that displays a list of files along with some relevant information (file size, date created, date modified, etc) across one row.  That is, ONE file per row.

Unfortunately, with either the Windows DETAIL view or OS X LIST view, if you have LOTS of files like I do, sorting through them can be torture.

So, for LOTS of files…

I HATE OS X’s LIST view.
I LOVE the WIndows LIST view.

More to come…

Vista & OS X: My Love/Hate List

2. Pro Tools

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