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New iPhone and Google Voice…

Briefly… I’ve been happily using a Google Voice (GV) number in place of my mobile number for the past year or so–for calls, texting and voicemail.  One of the features I like about GV is that I can forward missed calls on my mobile to their voicemail, giving me voicemail transcription and email/SMS notification. Until […]

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Beware Traffic Ticket E-Mails

Watch out for malicious traffic ticket e-mails.  They may contain a nasty little virus. A client called me today saying he couldn’t launch any of his Windows applications.  All application icons had a red circle with a slash through it.  When he tried to open one, he’d get a warning message along the lines of […]

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Timbuk2 – Excellent Bags… And Great Customer Service

I like to give credit where credit is due.  Especially for a vendor working in this modern world of marginalized customer service.  I’ve been using a Timbuk2 Commute laptop messenger bag for a while now–about four years.  I purchased it at the brick & mortar location of the The Bag House in Manhattan (excellent selection, […]

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