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  I rarely, if ever, promote anything political. However, this is something I feel very strongly about. Our bees are dying. Some species are recently extinct, while others are at 4% of their previous population. Bees are key to the health of global agriculture production. Many scientists believe neonicotinoids pesticides–among others types–are killing them. The […]

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Beware tech support fraud.

A client of mine–an elderly retired accountant in her 70’s–was scammed out of $280, yesterday.  Not through an online scam or a social phishing expedition which mines unsuspecting, trusting individuals for user names and passwords.  No, this was an old-school, retro type of scam… via telephone.  It did involve a computer, however.   Read more after […]

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Beware Traffic Ticket E-Mails

Watch out for malicious traffic ticket e-mails.  They may contain a nasty little virus. A client called me today saying he couldn’t launch any of his Windows applications.  All application icons had a red circle with a slash through it.  When he tried to open one, he’d get a warning message along the lines of […]

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The Definition of Ugly…

The definition of ugly as defined by Merriam Webster: 1: frightful , dire 2 a: offensive to the sight : hideous b: offensive or unpleasant to any sense 3: morally offensive or objectionable <corruption—the ugliest stain of all> 4 a: likely to cause inconvenience or discomfort <the ugly truth> b: surly , quarrelsome <an ugly […]

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