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A Conundrum of Cutting the Cord…

Nirvana for wireless network providers has to be when subscribers start using their network for all their communication needs. I have many friends who exist, sans a land line, with only a cell phone. ¬†And I think that’s just fine until you have to troubleshoot a problem with said cell phone–particulary a smartphone. Let’s use […]

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The Litterbug Dilema

This is an image used in a Seattle litterbug campaign. The enraged dude with the paddle? That’s exactly how I feel when I see people littering–I want to smack spank the living crap out of them. For years I’ve been working up my nerve to ask litterbugs to pick-up their litter and be responsible. However, […]

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What’s Your Comfort Food?

Everyone has their comfort food. Ahhhhhh! A special-tummy-warming-get-you-through-the-doldrums kind of food. Mine, I indulgently call The Scott Dog (yes, in capitals, patent pending). It consists of: Hebrew National hot dog Potato hot dog bun Tiny chunks (not melted!) of the sharpest cheddar cheese you can find Finely chopped raw onions Horseradish Spicy brown mustard Variations […]

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Are You a “Looser”?

As a kid, I read quite a bit and had a decent vocabulary for a brat my age. However, I was a poor speller–eliminated from the 4th grade spelling bee on the word “chihuahua.” Regardless of the fact I couldn’t tell the difference between a chihuahua and a chimichanga, I still was a poor speller. […]

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Dried Eggs… The Next Superglue?

Anyone who has ever cracked an egg for cooking knows what happens to the yolk-leavings if left to dry on pan or plate–it hardens like Bondo. Like industrial strength superglue. Like science fiction. At least that’s what it seems like when trying to clean the crud off said pan or plate. I learned real quick […]

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